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BILL THOMAS:Passion and Dedication in Person

On November of 1996, Bill became part of the U.S. Navy. He served as a Military Working Dog (MWD) Patrol, Narcotic and Bomb Handler, Kennel Master, and Instructor. During his service in the U.S. Navy, he was able to train and certify 256 MWDs. Come 2006, he was honorably released from the military service. That same year marked the beginning of another profession for him. He embarked into sales.

Not long after he was hired, his excellent performance skyrocketed his promotion. From being a Sales Associate, he immediately climbed the ladder and assumed the position of General Sales Manager in two nationally recognized corporations in San Antonio and Corpus Christi areas. Bill naturally possesses remarkable passion in what he does and a serious determination towards any of his undertakings. His records reflect the noble character he radiates when it comes to getting things done.

Having spent successful days in the sales industry, Bill and his family took another path. They decided to venture into entrepreneurship. Soon enough, he got back to what he loved doing. They established a dog and cat boarding and dog training business. With his current background experienced of 16 years he brings a great presence of the Dog Training world. To date, Bill Thomas has garnered more than 15 years of experience in both training and caring for dogs. Needless to say, this man is a legitimate dog-lover.

Our History, Our Credibility

This is where our identity and integrity are anchored as a company. We venture into this kind of service knowing that we really have good knowledge and skills to share for your gain. We would love to meet your dear dogs and make them the kind of dogs you want them to be.

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