We just picked up our German Shepherd Gunner from Bill a couple days ago. Gunner was there for the 15 day board and train program and we couldn’t be happier!
Before the program Gunner was terrible (mostly our fault for not working with him). He was terrified of everything and wouldn’t listen at all.
Gunner is now a different dog. He listens to everything we tell him,loves going in public and seeing people and before long we will be able to take him out with no leash and not have to worry.
During the time Gunner was at Bulletproof Bill was sure to keep us updated with videos of the progress he was making and address any concerns we may have. When we picked Gunner up Bill and Tom walked us through all of Gunners new commands and showed us how to keep working with him. Bill also sent us home with food he was eating while he was there so we could use it to transition back to his normal food.
Our expectations were blown away by the love,care and attention Gunner was given while he was there. I would highly recommend Bill and Bulletproof to anyone.