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About eCollar Training
With proper training the remote training collar will bring out the best in your dog. It can be used to encourage desired behavior. Once you fully understand your ecollar and your dog is trained, your new life of more freedom and better communication can begin! Keep in mind that if you are working with your dog around various distractions in his life, reinforcement is forever.

Why use an E-Collar
You want your dog to enjoy training and listen because interaction with your dog should be more valuable to him/her than any distraction. An e-collar comes in handy to help your dog learn and pay attention to you. An e-collar will allow your pup to enjoy off leash time once trained. The e-collar is there as a tool to get your dog’s attention and allow them to hear your commands.

When used correctly, an eCollar will not make your dog fearful or nervous.

Your dog is trained to feel the e-collar stimulation, then look to you to see what command you are going to tell them to do. Once the dog has been conditioned to the remote training collar and understands what it means when they feel the stimulation, he/she can be put into different situations and conditioned to listen to commands.

Experience the Difference of a Professional Dog Trainer
Our professional dog trainers will work with you to determine what your training goals are and how long it would take to get your dog there and work with your dog to create the right response in all situations.
E-collar dog training provides handlers and owners with a valuable tool to reinforce commands that their dogs already know, even from a distance.

Proper e-collar dog training allows pet owners to communicate with their dogs and reinforce desired behaviors, even in distracting or high-arousal situations. By delivering a harmless stimulation at the push of a button, e-collars can grab a dog’s attention and help them stay focused on the task at hand. With proper training and usage, e-collars can be a powerful tool to help dogs perform behaviors even in the face of distractions.

Once your dog is trained, you will have the ability to communicate and reinforce commands from a distance. Your dog will enjoy wearing his e-collar, leading to a well-behaved and obedient pet. A trained dog is a happy dog, as they clearly understand their role and the rules they are expected to follow. This in turn, leads to more opportunities for outdoor adventures, socialization, and new experiences, giving your dog a bigger, fuller life. Whether it’s hiking, swimming, or just playing fetch in the park, a trained dog is more likely to be able to participate in these activities and enjoy them to the fullest.