Excellent Dog Obedience Training in San Antonio

Our 15 Days with Trainer is our most popular Package and is usually booked at least 60 days in  advance, so please contact us for future availability. This is where you drop off your Puppy, for 15  days and after the training you pick up a Puppy that has solid obedience outside, off-leash, with  distractions! Check out our youtube channel for numerous 15 day with trainers before/after videos!   

This 15 days with Trainer program focuses on practical, everyday obedience that is completed with a  high level of precision, outside, off-leash, with distractions! This program provides everything,  including manners and socialization. All behaviors are taught with a high-levels of distraction. Here  is what your puppy will learn during their stay: 

  • Sit and Extended Sit (Dog remains in position until released) 
  • Down and Extended Down
  • Down at a Distance (up to 100 yards) 
  • With or Without a Leash Walking (Off Leash Heel in all Environments) 
  • Come on command (outside, off-leash, with distractions) 
  • Manners (No jumping, Counter Surfing, No more Getting into the Trash) 
  • Doors Manners (Wait until told to enter or exit door) 
  • Vehicle Load (Only go into car when told to) 
  • Socialization around People and Dogs allowing you to enjoy your pet in the public 
  • Place and Extended Place (Jump up and sit on any object you point to on command and stay there  until released) 

The total price of this 2-week intensive package $2400.00.   

After completion the 15 days with Trainer, owner will be invited to do a proper turn over with Trainer  and there Puppy this will last approximately 2-3 hour which the Trainer will go into detail everything  their Puppy does, how to handle them, and how to properly control them. You also get a limited  lifetime warranty with this training which includes FREE refresher classes for the life of your dog! 

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Bullet Proof Dog Training
Average rating:  
 6 reviews
by JA Fagin on Bullet Proof Dog Training

We have had an excellent experience with Bulletproof Dog Training. Our dogs Zeus (5 year old Boxer) and Bowie (2 year old Golden mix) were becoming increasingly harder to handle. Bowie was starting to show aggression towards other dogs when we would walk them, and neither would listen to our corrections/commands. We couldn’t take them out in public, and off-leash was unthinkable. They are great dogs, but both have a lot of energy, and are extremely stubborn. I searched online for dog trainers in the Cincy/NKY area, and every review that I read concerning Bulletproof was fantastic. Shortly after my initial email inquiry, I received an email, as well as a voicemail from Bill the owner/trainer (the timely response was awesome!). He invited us to bring the pups down to the training facility to have a look around and to discuss the problems we were having. He discussed the different options that were offered concerning training, and we decided that the 15 day board and train was the best fit for us. While the dogs were completing their training, we received texts and videos to let us know how they were doing and what they were working on that day. It was so great to see the progress they were making! The day we picked them up we were impressed with our calm, and well behaved dogs. We were shown the commands that they had learned and were able to practice with them with the trainers present. We were taught how to use their new collars and also given written instructions to take home with us. Bill and Tom were friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable, as were the entire staff. I’m pretty sure the dogs were sad to say goodbye to everyone! The dogs have been home for 5 days and we continue to work with them each day. They are calm, happy pups that are enjoying showing off their new skills! Bill has checked in with us to see how they were doing and to see if we had any questions. We highly recommend Bulletproof, and will continue to take our pups back there for boarding!

by Justin Ahr on Bullet Proof Dog Training

We started looking for a trainer for our German Shepherd (Lucy) a few months back. We found bill at bulletproof dog training on thumbtack and I was very impressed with his background. Bill was very helpful explaining all of his training options, even sending multiple videos. We decided to try another trainer due to the price. After a few lessons with the other trainer we knew Lucy was going to need a different trainer. We dug a little deeper into bullet proof dog training and decided to put plans into action. We dropped Lucy off with bill for 15 days and I simply can not praise these guys enough. We started receiving videos of her a few days later and I thought we were getting videos of a different dog. We were afraid when we got our dog back she would be a robot, but this is not the case. She’s still the playful love able pup we dropped off, but now she listens to us! They spent plenty of time with us when we picked her up to make sure that we were comfortable with all of the commands that were taught. The entire staff was extremely friendly and I could tell they truly cared about Lucy! I’m very glad we found this place and came around, I just wish we would have went with them right away. I highly recommend bulletproof dog training.

by Pamela Jamie Sharkey on Bullet Proof Dog Training

Our sweet Lab mix, Molly, had issues with dog aggression - we couldn't even take her to the vet until the office was cleared of all dogs. After having spent two weeks with Bill in his board and train, we were amazed at her transformation. Not only are we able to take Molly to the vet, but we can also take her to dog parks and other places where she might interact with animals. A week after Molly came home Bill went above and beyond and met us at a dog park so he could walk us through (literally) what it looks like when/if dog aggression occurs and how to handle it. Now we are so confident in Molly's training that we no longer get anxious when she is around other dogs. Thanks Bill!

by Billy Gibson on Bullet Proof Dog Training

We just picked up our German Shepherd Gunner from Bill a couple days ago. Gunner was there for the 15 day board and train program and we couldn't be happier!Before the program Gunner was terrible (mostly our fault for not working with him). He was terrified of everything and wouldn't listen at all.Gunner is now a different dog. He listens to everything we tell him,loves going in public and seeing people and before long we will be able to take him out with no leash and not have to worry.During the time Gunner was at Bullet Proof Bill was sure to keep us updated with videos of the progress he was making and address any concerns we may have. When we picked Gunner up Bill and Tom walked us through all of Gunners new commands and showed us how to keep working with him. Bill also sent us home with food he was eating while he was there so we could use it to transition back to his normal food.Our expectations were blown away by the love,care and attention Gunner was given while he was there. I would highly recommend Bill and Bullet Proof to anyone.

by Katie Crosby on Bullet Proof Dog Training

We came to Bill looking for some serious help with our pitbull mix, Abram. At the time I was pregnant, and Abram was showing signs of aggression. This was a problem that we wanted to fix immediately, before our little one arrived. Bill is honestly a miracle worker! Abram is now our DREAM dog! He shows NO signs of aggression, walks with us in public WITHOUT a leash (super handy when pushing our daughter in her stroller!) but more importantly, Abram is so much HAPPIER!We cannot thank Bill enough! If you are looking for a dog trainer I HIGHLY recommend Bulletproof Dog Training, you will not be disappointed!

by Alexandra Dzikowski on Bullet Proof Dog Training

Bill trained our GSD he did a an amazing Job, Redd was very stubborn and bill was very patient and successfully trained Redd to , Sit ,Come, Down, extended down, Place amount other things. Bill was very fun to be around . You can trust him to do a great job every session.