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Is your dog looking for a job? If your dog is a friendly, stress-relieving, and potentially therapeutic dog – he/she can get certified and go to work helping people. With Therapy Dog Training, your dog can actually develop the capacity to buffer stress and anxiety that people experience. Bulletproof Dog Training can help you to realize your dream for your dog. Once your dog becomes a trained therapy dog he can visit hospitals, nursing homes, classrooms and get invited to help relieve stress for airport travelers. Your dog will be taught using positive re-enforcement methods, an E-Collar may be used in the process to achieve desired behaviors. Bulletproof Dog Training is qualified to train your dog for several kinds of therapy training. Once trained and your dog passes the test provided by Therapy Dogs Unlimited, he/she will be issued with a certificate of completion.

Therapy Dog Certification

  • 7 Week Training Program
  • Includes Equipment and Leash
  • $2,900.00
  • *Alternate Option for certification: 15 Days with Trainer Package for Therapy Dog Candidates ($2800)

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